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Possible Careers in Finance!


With passing decades, the chances of getting career opportunities in finance is growing with time exponentially. The specializations and domains have broadened in this field with many aspiring candidates joining the hike. There are still many people who feel, it is a risky business to invest time and money in the career options of Finance while it seems to be the leading ones amongst all. With ocean full of options, there are few options which one can never deny, with the stakes it has raised with the success rates over time. With growing advancements, every industry in every field looks for a good financer. Financers have no stop from being almost everywhere, from banking to management, commercials to equity researches, there is no place, which is not looking for a good investor or looking for people who could get investors. With growing domains, the options to choose functional specifications has also grown and it becomes difficult to choose the best option.


To end the confusion, we are listing few best career domains, one may pursue in finance:

Commercial Banking: There are many roles offered in commercial banking like, loan officer, mortgage banker, trust officer, branch manager, bank teller etc. having specific jobs in the commercial market. The specific zones may require peculiar skill set. They provide decent pay checks with assured growth as you keep developing in work. With public sector banks, the working hours are most suitable to work with.

Asset Management: People with high Net worth feels difficult to manage the revenues and to make decisions with the investments to make more profit. It also gets difficult for them to find an investment goal for the long-term plan, an asset manager helps them to sort such problems but going through analysis and suggesting the best option. The main goal of the asset manager is to keep the revenue safe and investments high.

Calculating profit

Investment Banking: If you have ever watched Wolf of Wall Street then you might be familiar with the term. Investment banker works in the capital market and instead of making a direct contact to the individual investor, he searches for the client and try to make him invest in the major brands for his own good, by giving him some deal or package. He also makes sure, informing the clients about the associated mergers regarding the activity they are related to. In this business, the bankers try to make a profit on both the sides, to the company a client is investing in, as well to the client.